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What you saw, heard and experienced in childhood will have influenced the way you see yourself. If your experiences have been negative, your beliefs about yourself are likely to be negative too. Being low in self-worth often causes self-sacrifice.

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How to break free

I am really sorry for my lack of posts and reblogs within the last few weeks, but I needed some time to clear my mind and my exams took a whole lot of time too at college. Still two more to go and then it’s time to take a deep breath.

My car needs to get fixed during my holiday because there’s some stuff that needs to be done, but I’ll have a lot of time to do so I guess.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about my life, the year that’s gone by so fast and about my friends. Today I made a decision that made me break free from my old relationship which ended about a year ago. I finally deleted my ex’s number which was the very last step for me to break free. And you know what? It feels awesome to be completely free again! It’s like I wanna run for miles, scream, yell out how good I feel now and hug the world at the same time. It’s not that I will ever forget my ex, but I will just keep the good moments in my mind that we had and nothing else anymore. I don’t even know what she’s doing now, but I hope she feels good with what she’s doing, no matter what it is.

Fact is that I feel good again too and it seems like I overcome my depressive phase that I had for a long time. I finally see the good things in life again, no matter how small they seem. It’s the smallest things that mostly make my days, like when houplin mentions me on Facebook or Instagram with a nice picture or something like that. These are things that so much make my days when I feel bad about my past. These are things that show me that people care for me and think of me and that is what makes you feel good in the end. :)

So it is never too late to get your ass up and to change something in your life. Get rid of things that are not good for you, decide on your own what it is and fight to be happy. Let people help you, turn your favorite music up, get out, have fun. :)

Mats als Weltmeister – da haben wir ein Problem. Er wird jetzt noch schlauer sein als vorher… (mit spitzbübischen Lächeln)

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If u don’t love klopp ur wrong


If u don’t love klopp ur wrong

Es gibt keinerlei Anzeichen, dass die beiden weg wollen.

Jürgen Klopp über Marco und Mats, Schwarzgelber Talk

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"There is no evidence that they want to leave."

Jürgen Klopp about Marco Reus and Mats Hummels during today’s “Schwarzgelber Talk”

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