My mind & thoughts.

24. German. Crazy. Passion for music. Love Photography. Addicted to Simple Plan, Supernatural and The Walking Dead. Student at the University of Applied Sciences for technology & economy in Saarbrucken. Love my friends. Able to speak German, English & French. Bassplayer. Love creative writing. Concerts make me happy.

On Tour!

o1.12.o4: The Rasmus, Luxemburg [Luxembourg]

11.o2.o6: The Rasmus, Mannheim [Germany]
11.o2.o6: HIM, Mannheim [Germany]
11.o2.o6: Negative, Mannheim [Germany]
19.o4.o6: Deep Insight, Saarbrücken [Germany]
o4.1o.o6: Aiden, Saarbrücken [Germany]

11.o4.o7: Maryslim, Saarbrücken [Germany]
11.o4.o7: Wednesday 13, Saarbrücken [Germany]
11.o4.o7: The 69 Eyes, Saarbrücken [Germany]
22.o7.o7: Nevio, Saarbrücken [Germany]
14.12.o7: Nevada Tan, Neunkirchen [Germany]

15.o3.o8: Panik, Frankfurt am Main [Germany]
27.o6.o8: Kool Savas, Saarbrücken [Germany]
27.o6.o8: Klee, Saarbrücken [Germany]
27.o6.o8: Stanfour, Saarbrücken [Germany]
27.o6.o8: Killerpilze, Saarbrücken [Germany]
27.o6.o8: Sunrise Avenue, Saarbrücken [Germany]
2o.o9.o8: Nevio, Dortmund [Germany]

o6.o2.o9: Nevio, Mannheim [Germany]
27.o2.o9: The 69 Eyes, Saarbrücken [Germany]
o8.o5.o9: Nevio, Mannheim [Germany]
22.o6.o9: Samu Haber Unplugged, Saarbrücken [Germany]
o9.o8.o9: Nevio, Saarbrücken [Germany]
2o.11.o9: Sunrise Avenue, Saarbrücken [Germany]
o7.12.o9: Panik, Frankfurt am Main [Germany]

15.o3.1o: Sunrise Avenue, Saarbrücken [Germany]
24.o4.1o: Panik, Paris [France]
21.o8.1o: Nevio, Homburg [Germany]

28.o5.11: Sunrise Avenue, Darmstadt [Germany]
29.o5.11: Sunrise Avenue, Mainz [Germany]
o2.o7.11: Eternal Yesterday, Bielefeld [Germany]
o9.o7.11: Frieda Gold, Mannheim [Germany]
o9.o7.11: Laith Al-Deen, Mannheim [Germany]
o9.o7.11: Sunrise Avenue, Mannheim [Germany]
o9.o7.11: Foreigner, Mannheim [Germany]
o9.o7.11: Ricky Martin, Mannheim [Germany]
o9.o7.11: Adoro, Mannheim [Germany]
1o.o9.11: Sons Of Midnight, Stuttgart [Germany]
1o.o9.11: Simple Plan, Stuttgart [Germany]
o2.11.11: Sunrise Avenue, Saarbrücken [Germany]

19.o3.12: We The Kings, Neu-Isenburg [Germany]
19.o3.12: Simple Plan, Neu-Isenburg [Germany]
24.o3.12: We The Kings, München [Germany]
24.o3.12: Simple Plan, München [Germany]
2o.o4.12: We The Kings, Strasbourg [France]
2o.o4.12: Simple Plan, Strasbourg [France]
2o.o4.12: Skrillex, Strasbourg [France]
21.o4.12: Simple Plan, Lille [France]

o7.11.13: You Me At Six, Frankfurt [Germany]
o7.11.13: Thirty Seconds To Mars, Frankfurt [Germany]