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24. German. Crazy. Passion for music. Love Photography. Addicted to Simple Plan, Supernatural and The Walking Dead. Student at the University of Applied Sciences for technology & economy in Saarbrucken. Love my friends. Able to speak German, English & French. Bassplayer. Love creative writing. Concerts make me happy.
  • Brazil: Game on!! This is the semi-finals we're about to total-
  • Germany: *scores goal*
  • Brazil: Haha okay man but watch out beca-
  • Germany: *scores another goal*
  • Brazil: You know what they say!! Slow and steady wins the race!
  • Germany: *scores goal*
  • Brazil: Yeah haha that's enough now
  • Germany: *scores goal*
  • Brazil:
  • Germany: *scores goal*
  • Brazil:
  • Germany: *scores goal*
  • Germany: *scores goal*

Ich hatte den einen oder anderen Moment, in dem ich gedachte habe: Bitte, lass das jetzt nicht nur ein schöner Traum sein!

—Mats Hummels (via hummelshoch2)

(Source:, via hummelshoch2)

This is really something special, what each individual has done. And we will now try with everything we have to have to make the big dream come true.

—Mats Hummels after the game against Brazil (via fashunschweini)

Short update

I am really sorry for my lack of updates and reblogs within the past few weeks. University’s takin a whole lotta time atm and I gotta solve case studies for my logistics lectures every week, so yeah… Plus two project sheets for business ethics and environmental management combined with presentations… My days mostly consist of writing, doin research and writing again besides attending classes and university and of course watching all the worldcup games. Still rooting for Germany and my favorite player (Hummels for the win!!!). So yeah, don’t worry y’all, I’m “fine”, if I leave out all my appointments at the dentist (got a bite splint cuz I am stressed like hell and my teeth suffer from that)… So yeah, no worries needed! :)

Müller is a very funny guy. In Germany we call it Pausenclown.

—Mats Hummels explains Thomas Müller to the American journalists. (via hummelshoch2)

(Source:, via hummelshoch2)

Where conversations lead to after my friend and me already talked about Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles...

  • Friend: If u say that you're not inside my head, have a guess what I am doing.
  • Me: Talkin to me and smokin a cigarette?
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: ... guess who's just stuffing one.
  • Friend: Jared Gen... I have no idea where that came from now.
  • Me: Good guess, already wanted to say "It's not Norman that stuffes me."
  • Friend: I've got the longest chocolate of the world with me.
  • Me: You're sucking until the white's coming?
  • Friend: It's not Kinder chocolate.
  • Me: All the same... it's sweet, sticky and makes your belly go big.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ... that wasn't planned.